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goaceit - test anxiety

What is Test Anxiety

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38% of students have moderate to high Test Anxiety

83% of teachers reported that exam stress impacts negatively on student outcomes

 *IEPS & ISC Research

*American Test Anxieties Assoc.


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The Goaceit app is a revolution in test prep training: a series of tools and techniques designed to help students manage the mental side of the test. It features a mixture of interactive mobile games, audio tools and engaging video content. In addition, for those students who prefer a more structured learning environment, one on one meetings with a sport psychologist are available.

The Goaceit algorithm uses game based assessments

to create a personal profile for each user

goaceit - test strees
test stress


Once students have their personal profile, they become aware of what happens to them when they are stressed and why this happens. They then receive relevant tools to manage the stress and build a routine which they use before and during the exam. The routine helps them feel confident and  in control when the pressure is on.

test anxiety solutions

Neal Jacover, Principal

American International School 

“This app will undoubtedly be helpful for students.”

test anxiety solutions

Megan Stubbendeck, PhD.

Executive Director of Instruction,

Arbor Bridge

"Students who used Goaceit enjoyed the tool and felt empowered. Our parents felt that for the first time someone was listening to them and doing something about test anxiety."

test anxiety solutions

Matthew Larriva, Owner

Powerful Prep

“I love having this tool in my arsenal. I love being able to have a very professional, researched product to offer to families and students who struggle with test stress.”



test stress solutions


We are a tech company with a global staff of certified sport psychologists and mental trainers. We work with competitive athletes to help them manage the stress of competing when the stakes are high. Our approach is grounded in our experience and research in cognitive behavioral psychology, positive psychology and sport psychology. These evidence based strategies that help athletes perform at their best apply to the pressure of test taking as well.


Package Options

test anxiety solutions

Do it yourself 

Learn independently using the Goaceit App

  • Analysis of performance under pressure

  •  Building a personalized training plan 

  • Individualized tool box

  • Personalized messaging for focused training

Option for on demand training  with a sport psychologist

*Flexible scheduling

test stress solutions

 let's do it together

Learn independently using the Goaceit App


Conact us for more


test anxiety solutions

Enterprises & schools 

For partnerships and volume discounts

Conact us for more


8 one hour

individual online meetings with an experienced sport psychologist

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