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Tips for Parents

Understanding stress

Stress is normal, everyone experiences it.

You need a certain amount of stress to perform well.

Every person experiences stress differently: some physically, some cognitively and some both

The adrenaline rush should be viewed as positive: your body is getting ready to perform at its best

Giving feedback

It is important to give feedback on the process and not on the result.

Focus on the effort and what is in your child’s control.

Some examples:

  • You really studied hard for that test!

  • I like how you keep trying.

  • You have a wonderful attitude.

  • I can’t believe you could stay focused for such a long time!

  • Your sense of humor is amazing even when you are under pressure.

Dealing with failure

If you give the message that failing or losing is a bad thing, then your child will be afraid to take risks.

They will be afraid to try something new that doesn’t come easy. We all know that in life, if you are afraid to take risks, you will stay in the same place and not get to the next level.


If your child feels your unconditional love and support, then they will feel safe enough to risk, to fail, and to ultimately succeed and reach their potential. They know you love them no matter the result.

Purchasing the GoAceit App

We’re happy to offer Test Innovators customers a 50% discount.

*Registration form will be sent within 24 hours

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